ACCLAIM EDUCATION trains software and medical professionals.  Our courses include software development courses for both beginning and experienced programmers; programs to train Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) and Home Health Aides (HHAs); and continuing education courses for nurses, CNAs, and HHAs.


ACCLAIM EDUCATION was founded by a team of Stanford and Harvard scientists who understand the skills needed to land top-paying programming, scientific, medical, and technology jobs.

Dr. John O’Reilly Ph.D., Stanford University, Physics
Dr. Paul McEntire Ph.D., Stanford University, Engineering-Economic Systems
M.S., Stanford University, Engineering-Economic Systems
B.S., Stanford University, Mathematics
Dr. Michael Feuer Ph.D., Harvard University, Physics
A.B., Harvard University, Physics
Prof. Charles Feinstein Ph.D., Stanford University, Engineering-Economic Systems
M.S., Stanford University, Mathematics
M.S., Stanford University, Aeronautics and Astronautics

However, our founders aren’t just academics — they've founded a dozen software, financial, and publishing companies, and they've brought two of them public.

Our founders know how teach and train, and that's why they teamed together to start ACCLAIM EDUCATION.


At ACCLAIM EDUCATION, we train people just like you — people who have the energy and desire to succeed in today's super-competitive world.

Want to learn more about us or our courses?   E-mail us at Info@AcclaimEducation.com or call us at (510) 266-0868.